Leadership 4 Key Steps of Execution


Industry research says that 70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution. It is not surprising, therefore, that most organizations and leaders don’t experience the outcome they desire the most. Yet, there are those few who have consistently demonstrated how to go about creating a culture of flawless execution. Research has modeled their footprints to reveal a pattern that others could synthesize to replicate the success.

  1. What We Need To Achieve And Why

Successful organizations and teams have leaders who clearly articulate the most important goals that they want to achieve. Not only that, there is no ambiguity about why they need to achieve these goals. When your teams are empowered with this knowledge, they are better equipped to align their actions towards the desired outcome as they have commonality of purpose

  1. How To Achieve Our Goal

While most professionals are familiar with the Pareto principle (80/20), very few are able to use it to distinguish their focus areas and the action items around them. When teams put this in play, there is a dose of predictability which can be added to the outcome.

  1. Keeping Score For Success

What cant be measured, cant be managed’. Leaders can inspire teams to perform better by instituting a metric which can measure, track and report progress on a periodic basis.

  1. Culture Of Accountability

Teams which outperform consistently take pride in having instituted a culture of accountability within the team. It means taking responsibility for owning your success & failures and proactively implementing the course corrections that arise from the learnings

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