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For any positive change to be truly effective, it needs to be lasting and it needs to be consistent. We would all agree that most of us have done something really well some of the time. Yet, we all feel that our lives have not shaped up the way we desire and deserve. The reason for this is simple: Our lives are not defined by what we do well some of the time. It’s defined by what we do well consistently.

A lot of people believe that consistent efforts to drive change requires motivation and somehow they lack that force to commit themselves to it. I respectfully disagree. What is really needed is a personal strategy to deeply imbibe those positive changes in their professional and personal lives. If there is one thing that we all have learnt seeing successful people around us is that most of them are not there by accident. They had a strategy, they had a plan and they executed it to perfection (almost) and that is the secret of their success today.

What is not known to many is that a lot of these extraordinary achievers invested their time & energy in working with Coaches who helped them formulate a high impact personal strategy. No matter how well placed you are in your professional or personal lives, one thing that you are never good (enough) at is “seeing yourselves the way other see you”. That is why Coaching really helps as it brings you a fresh perspective which is different than your own and in doing so it provides you with a lot of possibilities which can help you draft a well thought out personal strategy.

The Coach can see what you can’t see coz you are in the “action”, but the Coach is outside of it. Your relationship with your coach is that of a partner, a friend, an equal – someone who has a personal interest in your success. Coach is someone who is incredibly skilled to help guide you at a moment that you really need it to achieve “measurable” results. Not just in India but globally, it has been incrementally seen over the years that professionals who work with coaches achieve their goals – faster, better & more consistently than those who don’t. For these reasons & more, Invest in Yourself! Invest in Coaching!


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